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The sound insulation effect is poor even you install double glazing glass, the problem is…


The sound insulation effect is poor even you install double glazing glass, the problem is…

Industry News
Release Time:
2018/10/04 14:38
sound insulation effect for double glazing glass
   Door and window seller often says to the client: "double layer of insulating glass has air layer, sound insulation can be better!" Actually it is wrong, Air layer increase resonance, sound insulation will not be better. The person who pursues sound insulation, what they buy is laminated glass and glass thickness is different.
  Speaking of glass sound insulation, a common misunderstanding is that the thicker of the glass, the better for sound insulation. That's only half right! For the single glass sheet, it is true that the thicker, sound insulation can be better. Sound insulation for 8mm thick is better than 5mm. According to current market research, more than half of aluminum window practitioners believe that a single piece of 5mm glass has no sound insulation effect (even if the window frame is well assembled).
  But when choose double layer glass, sound insulation effect for double glass that combined of two "same" thickness of glass is not better than combination of two different thickness of glass. So, 4+5 double layer glass will be better than 5+5. (" less costly "building materials, whose functions are not necessarily worse than higher costs, sometimes maybe better.)
  Same double layer glass, interlayer also can affect sound-proof effect. Different density interlayer can enhance the sound insulation effect. Insulating glass is better than laminated glass (this is because the laminated glass has a PVB or SGP film in it). Why air layer doesn’t make an effect on sound insulation? Because the noise of general audio pass the air layer will generate resonance, resulting in a great reduction in sound insulation.
 So, the correct saying for sound insulation of double layer glass is "different thickness, different interlayer, sound insulation effect can be better.”
   Except for the glass, the sealing of window frame also makes an influence. If there is no problem with sound insulation, but the gap of window frame is too large, still will reduce sound insulation effect.