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Colored Crystal Glass Panel–silkscreen printing glass for refrigerator glass door


Colored Crystal Glass Panel–silkscreen printing glass for refrigerator glass door

Industry News
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2018/11/16 15:38
The advantage of colored crystal glass panel
 Some friends who are concerned about the glass industry may often see colored crystal glass panel. With superior performance and outstanding decoration effect, the colored crystal glass panel can customize surface patterns freely and meet the needs of various home decoration styles. It is a new decorative material with broad prospects. This passage is to help us learn more about glittering glass.
Before the use of colored crystal glass panel, the refrigerator door and shell used powder spraying cold rolled plate, PCM, VCM, and the air conditioning panel used ABS, PS and other plastic products. It is relatively difficult to achieve new breakthroughs in the appearance with these materials. Colored crystal glass panel not only meets the property and technical requirements applicative in electrical appliances that above materials have, but also with more bright color under inside printing and other measures. And will not influence by external environment change such as temperature, humidity, illumination, absolutely fadeless, can form diversification on the color, pattern, structure, etc.
   The surface coating of non-transparent materials such as plastics and metals is external coating. The visual effect has no sense of thickness, and the coating is in direct contact with outside. There are defects in aging resistance, friction resistance, scratch resistance and other aspects. Tempered colored crystal glass panel can overcome these defects well.Compared with other panels, bright, shine and transparency these advantages for colored glittering glass are clear at a glance.As it has a certain thickness, it appears more crystal and noble under the light. The color for metal steel panel is dark, style is low, cannot undertake the production of a variety of color, more do not speak of the effect such as polychromatic overprint, stereo feeling decorative pattern.
The use of color crystal glass has become a good way for household electrical appliance manufacturer to develop new products and improve efficiency.